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Arndt Hunschok sounds like "Aren't Hunshock"

Above: A little help on how to say the company owner's name.
Below: How to get hold of us. It's very easy. And we're looking forward to your call or message:

_ by Phone +49 - (0)711 - 72 60 300
_ by Email to info [at] cess-event.com - or simply click here 
_ by Fax to +49 - (0)711 - 72 60 150

Of course - you may send us a letter. You'll find the address in the Legal Notes section of this site.

Thanks a lot - see you soon !
..And we do mean it. Because face-to-face contact is the best way to bring things forward.


We've supported events of Imtech, Deutsche Bank, Unilever, Lamborghini, Sun, Orange, Audi, EnBW, HP, Syngenta, Storagetek, IBM, Nissan, Microfocus and many more for our clients like George P. Johnson, Goose Communications, Haas.Kommuniziert. , Acclaim, WCM worldwide and other agencies. Our clientele reaches from small local firms to larger corporations, hotels and professional associations.

Discretion is important: More detail you can find out in a personal chat. Thank you for your understanding.

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